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Выпущена новая политика поддержки биоразлагаемых пленок для мульчирования

Время: 2021-07-07 Хиты : 20

On July 2, the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural areas of the People's Republic of China released the key policies of strengthening 

agriculture and benefiting agriculture implemented by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas in 2021.

Among them, Article 7, protection and utilization of agricultural resources, emphasizes the recycling of crop straw and mulching film.

30. Trial of comprehensive utilization of crop straw

We should promote the whole county nationwide, adhere to the principle of giving priority to agriculture and diversified utilization, cultivate a number 

of industrialized utilization subjects, and create a number of full-scale utilization model counties. Stimulate the vitality of the main market players in the

 links of straw returning, leaving the field, processing and utilization, and explore the technical route, mode and mechanism of straw comprehensive 

utilization which can be promoted and sustainable.

31. Mulching film recycling

In Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Xinjiang, 100 counties are supported to promote the recycling of waste mulching film, and other regions are encouraged 

to explore independently. We will support the establishment and improvement of a recycling and processing system for waste mulching films, establish

 a recycling and utilization mechanism in various ways, such as handing in business entities, recycling by specialized organizations, recycling by processing

 enterprises, and exchanging the old for the new, and explore an extended producer responsibility system for mulching films that 

"Whoever produces, who recycles.". We will support areas where conditions permit to focus on the replacement of fully biodegradable mulching films for 

suitable crops and the mechanized recycling of mulching films in Xinjiang cotton area.

Source: Official website of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas of China, July 2nd, 2021.