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Мариголдын ханд (ксантофил 2%)

Мариголдын ханд (ксантофил 2%)

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Marigold Extract 2%


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Гадаад төрх

Free flow yellow powder







Drying Loss,%




Мариголд олборлох is a dry stabilized source of natural xanthophylls (Lutein) extracted from Marigold flowers (Tagetes erecta). It contains different xanthophylls level with approx. 80% of trans-lutein, which bring more orange color to broiler skin and egg yolk. It is recommended as the effective natural yellow pigment for enhancing the color of egg yolk, broiler skin and shanks.

Давуу тал

·       Excellent pigmentation: Natural and adequate carotenoids sources for poultry and aquatics species.

·       Anti-Oxidant: Lutein, a member of the carotenoids family, is a powerful natural antioxidant which is good for poultry and human health.

·       Lutein Egg: Adding Leader Yellow to layer’s diet results in a significant increase of lutein content in eggs. Lutein is good for the eyes by inhibiting macular degeneration and cataract formation.

·       Special stabilization technology and advanced saponification ensure its optimum stability and efficient absorption of poultry.


Used as a pigment to enhance egg yolk and broiler skin color. The product is formulated and can be added to feed directly. Dosage is established in accordance with the desired pigmentation level. It is further used for the pigmentation of aquatics like yellow-head catfish, eel, etc.

Recommended Usage (expressed as g/ton feed)

Broilers skin




Shrimp, Salmon, etc


Тайлбар: this product can replace the synthetic yellow carotenoid, apo-ester 10% (β-apo-8’-carotenoic acid- ethylester) performed by visual color fan.

Storage & Shelf Life

Sealed and stored preferably between 15-25ºC. Keep away from direct sun light and high temperature. The unopened packing has a shelf life of approximately 24 months from manufacturing if stored under the conditions specified.

Сав баглаа боодол

25kg/bag, aluminum foil bag with vacuum packing inside, double layer plastic woven bag outside.

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