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Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate Crystal

Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate Crystal

Technyske gegevensblêd


It is intended for agricultural use for plant nutrition and industrial use.

Typyske gemyske analyze

l  Content  21.5% min     Zinc (Zn)

l  Heavy metal content:

As:  5ppm; 5mg/kg; 0.0005% max    

P:  10ppm; 10mg/kg; 0.001% max

Cd: 10ppm; 10mg/kg; 0.001% max   

Physical Analysis:

lAppearance: White flowing crystal



lCoated woven polypropylene 25kg/1ton bag with inner liner

lSpecial packaging available on request.


lLabel includes batch number, net weight, manufacturing & expire dates.

lLabels are marked according to EU and UN directives.

lNeutral label or customer label are available on request.

Safety and storage conditions:

Store under clean, dry conditions and prevent rain, damp, do not mix with poisonous and harmful goods.


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